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Batumi Tour

Name and Surname
Date of Accession
0-4 Age
Age 4-12
Adult 1
Child 0
Total amount 1 X 120. TL
Grand total
120 TL
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Tour Program

After controlling our passports and needed papers with our tour guide. we start our tour at 07:00 Am from in front of Zorlu grand hotel. our first stop will be in Surmene in Serender restaurant for 20 min. where you can have an open buffet breakfast. After that we head to the Sarpi border without any other stop.

To speed up the transition process in Turkey side we prepare our passports and papers in advance. ( Transition Time changes according to the traffic in the border). after passing we meet in Adjaria the autonomous region of Georgia to go back to our car and start your tour in Batumi.

first of all, our guide will tell you how much Lari you will need for the trip and we exchange the Money. then we will visit the Apsaros ( Gonye) castle which holds St. Matthias who w some of Jesus’s 12 apostles. after seeing the castle and the historical effects it includes we head to have our lunch break in of the turkish restaurants. Then we visit the botanic garden which was built above 112H in 1880 by the russians and which contains about 2000 trees and more than 5000 plants, herbs, and flowers. after hour 45 min. visit we go back to the city center.

and after visiting Virgin Mary’s Cathedral, the european square, Golden post monument, Pizza Square, the theater house, Batumi Avenue, Alphabet Tower, Ali and Nino moving statue, and the Ottoman Middle mosque. we have one hour to freely explore the area and then we meet in front of the turkish conslouse to drive back to Trabzon. passing the border we meet again at the Sarpi mosque and we arrive to end our tour infront of the zorlu grand hotel at about 24:00 Pm


A very important note:

those who carry two citizenships ( the turkish citizenship and other) can pass the border by showing their turkish ID. No one is allowed to pass the border without showing a passport or a turkish ID. and no other legal paper will be acceptable  (paper such as job ID including a personal photo, Driving licence… are not acceptable ).

Those who carry a Turkish ID that is older than 10 years, doesn't have a Modern personal photo ( including kids and infants), with no TC number, with open or teared-up edges, does not include a cold stamp, the cold stamp is not clear, the writings are not clear, Contains handwriting of any kind. are not allowed at the border under any circumstance.
please control your passports and ID before the moving.

kids under 18 years old are not allowed to pass without the parents, unless there is aleagle approval from both parents. The guardian must have the child’s passport.

If the child under 18 years old is travelling with one parent only, A legal approval from the other parent must be presented with the child’s passport.

If any of the papers above were missing, you will no be able to pass the border, and the company does not take any responsibilities and you may have to go back to Trabzon on your own.


Note: The guid is authorized to change the program and the chosen restaurants according to situation while staying to the main program.

120. TL.

Liability Included Services:

  • AO.Ulusoy Ulaşım Hizmeti,
  • Profesyonel Kokartlı Rehberlik Hizmeti,
  • Seçkin Restaurantların Birinde Açık Büfe veya Fix Menü Öğlen Yemeği.

Services not included in the price list:

  • Sabah kahvaltısı,
  • Botanik Park Giriş ücreti ( Yaklaşık 12.-GEL = 25.TL )
  • Şahsi Harcamalar.
  • Yurt Dışı çıkış harcı ( 15 -TL )